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Dotnova.AI is a tech startup founded in the year 2021 by a set of people passionate about solving problems. Aligned to it’s vision of building technology for peace and harmony DotnovaAI focuses on building products that help to manage finances,asssets of groups like families, teams, partners or a set of people connected through a common bond. Research and Experience has highlighted that managing money within a group is the most uncomfortable yet crucial task for its smooth functioning. Hence at DotnovaAI We are working hard to provide simple, affordable, and intuitive solutions to solve all “Sharing Matters” which includes payments, sharing money, managing budgets, control spending and sharing asset details.

Using deep technology like AI, ML and Digital banking platforms we intend to build systems and solutions that help you make climate friendly sustainable choices and improve your relationship with the environment. Dotnova.AI is the FIRST one to devise a mechanism to caclulate carbon footprint at the group level, suggest means to reduce it and reward it users if they accept those suggestions

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We are always in a state of thinking and building products and solutions that ease friction

Building Haeywa

We are building "haeywa", a petty cash or imprest management platform that enables on boarded businesses and their teams to do digital payments over UPI for all petty cash expenses from a single allocated pool of funds. Haeywa is the first of its kind in India to enable petty cash expenses on UPI and multicast payments. Haeywa provides one touch expense management by automatic reconciliation and sharing of expense reports along with bills. Haeywa provides simple and fast role- based access to all its services. It helps businesses to monitor their carbon footprint based on the spends made and the project resource information uploaded in the system. It also helps in employee engagement with features like group chat, team games and rewards that are enabled from the platform itself.

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People behind the scene

Great things happen when people work together towards a common goal.



An IIMB gsk alumni passionate about source code and how it can impact lives.


Lead Technologist

A farmer turned technologist who is not only an expert of generating gold from soil but also from bit and bytes. He has written, tested and helped people execute more than 2 Million Lines of Code.


Lead App

A true example of a Gen z post millennial champ, Dhirendra builds app software at the speed of a no-code plateform


Lead Operations

A Startup hiring champ Sabira forms the backbone of running our organization like a well oiled machinery. While the rest of the team is busy building products Sabira ensures they have all the things they need to make that happen.

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